Neckwear, the first step in the NIGHTMARKET.IT story, from the minimal to the most theatrical, from neckbands to multi-strands: the special passion of the Avanzi sisters. They form the key to a whole look, completing an outfit and adaptable to the different times of day: they can make any garment into something special.
All these pieces are entirely hand-made from the basic materials and inspired by their components: gems of coloured glass and of turquoise paste, coral, vintage jewels and rarities like the antique Afghan seals that make each piece into something unique.


Every year, NIGHTMARKET.IT collaborates with young designers, producing ideas and visions that come from different worlds and that mix up with the Made In Italy, giving life to unique products.




‘WonderAnatomie’ is the label of the young Thai stylist known as Pop (a.k.a. Chalermkiat Khatikasemlert, working in collaboration with his two sisters) for a line of vintage NIGHTMARKET.IT jackets bringing a breeze of natural forms with his floral and anatomical decoration, both printed and in 3D.


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