Privacy Policy

Nightmarket applies, both in law and in spirit, the protection of privacy. Such protection is aimed at anyone who is in connection with Nightmarket, whether they are employees, suppliers, customers, potential customers, or simple visitors to your Site.

If a site visitor intends to voluntarily release the personal data of D.L.G. 196/2003, this can only be done in accordance with the rules and procedures indicated on the Site and in accordance with the previously mentioned D.L.G. 196/2003. The release of personal data is a free choice of every visitor to the Site. There is no record of personal data in the Nightmarket Site unless it is accurate and specific to the visitor's ability to record his / her personal data. In order to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings, any personal data recording may not be possible as a result of a further and last confirmation by the visitor.

Nightmarket uses cookie technology to make statistical surveys on its Site. A cookie is a small information element sent from the web site contacted and stored on the hard disk by your computer browser. The Nightmarket site tracks the path of the cookie (so-called click stream activity, that is, the registration of the paths followed by visitors to a site in the transition from one page to another), without this being able to know or identify the user Has entered the site in order to collect statistical data on the site such as visited pages, downloaded pages, etc. We claim that none of this information is associated with you individually. Cookies do not capture your personal email address or any private information. The information generated by tracking cookies is evaluated only in the aggregate. Nightmarket also uses web server log files to count visitors and evaluate the technical capabilities of our site. We use all this information to know how many people visit the Site to organize the pages as easily as possible to facilitate site navigation and to make their pages more useful to users. We collect information about site traffic, but not about individual visitors. As a result, no information concerning you in particular can be stored or used.

If you would like to send e-mails to the Site or the Site itself for any reason by submitting to the mailing list to receive the information of your interest to your computer, we would like to remind you that if any of these options require you to register Your personal data, the registration of your personal data will always be in compliance with the Privacy Act. Therefore, any registration will take place only after your explicit and repeated consent.

As indicated in the warnings, access to the Site entails the full acceptance of the rules outlined in the Site itself. In so doing, the user who accesses the Site agrees that the applicable law to address any problems arising from access to the Site, or to the Information or Objects present on the Site, is Italian law. Likewise, you agree that the forum solely responsible for the above mentioned issues is the Milan Forum.


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